Iblitz Landscaping Melbourne

Iblitz Landscaping Melbourne
Professional Landscape Services


Welcome to iBlitz Landscaping Melbourne, Melbourne’s professional landscape services.  Bringing not only the skills required to do the job the right way, but also a professionalism that will have you telling your colleagues, friends, and family about your experience.

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Vertical Wall Gardens

With access to numerous vertical wall systems and the knowledge and experience to built custom felt wall vertical walls, we can bring to life any vertical space in need of vegetation.  We also have stand alone vertical wall wine barrel planters ideal for herbs or colour on balconies, decks, or by the BBQ.

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Our experienced landscape team can install, repair, and service your irrigation system, and upgrade your irrigation controller to a SMART Internet connected controller saving you water, programming hassels, and reducing risk to your plants and property if issues arise. Click for more…

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Garden Lighting

Garden lighting brings class and intimacy to any garden.  The experienced Melbourne landscapers at iBlitz can design, install, repair, and extend garden lighting throughout your garden and property.  With multiple levels of quality fittings, a garden lighting installation can be tailored to suit your property.

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Iblitz NaturalTurfGrass Landscaping  Melbourne

Natural Turf Grass

We can take you through the process of choosing the most appropriate variety of natural turf for your garden and family situation, then prepare and install beautiful instant lawn that will look fantastic from the day it goes down. You can have confidence that your turf will be installed professionally with appropriate soil preparation, starter fertilisers, sand over sew, and watering in.

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Iblitz SyntheticTurfGrass Landscaping  Melbourne

Synthetic Turf Grass

If natural turf does not suit your situation, then we have access to the best synthetic turf varieties on the market.  With modern synthetic turf having multiple strand lengths and colours, you will be surprised by not only the look, but also the feel of your new synthetic turf installation by iBlitz.

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Large, small, stepped, curved, screened?  Whatever the deck you have in mind, or perhaps you would like us to dream up the deck solution for you, at iBlitz we can design and build the deck of your dreams.  Using Australian Sustainable Hardwood decking timber you can be assured your deck is not only built to last, but is going to look fantastic without the ethical and ecological concerns of using other imported timbers.

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Iblitz GardenMakeovers Landscaping  Melbourne

Garden Makeovers

If your are preparing for a real estate campaign then the landscaping team at iBlitz have the experience and knowledge of what it takes to make over your garden and prepare it for sale.  Or you may have a garden that is ready to be updated to the current decade, our experience and knowledge can create a garden makeover solution working in with the elements your garden already has.

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Iblitz Garden-Features Landscaping  Melbourne

Garden Features

Sometimes a garden needs a little something special to really make it shine.  We can come up with just the right feature for your garden, which might not always be what you had initial thought of.  Water features, barrel planters, fountains or fountain planters, Indian door frames, statues, pots, and planters we can create the right effect for your garden.

Iblitz Roof-Top-Garden-Maintenance Landscaping  Melbourne

Roof Top Garden Maintenance

Maintaining your roof top garden, you need the professional and experienced team at iBlitz to look after it for you.  More than just plant well-fair, irrigation, drainage, maintenance access, building and work-safe compliance are all items that need to be considered.  If you have an existing roof top facade that needs maintenance or improvement our team can look after it for you too.

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A combination of all the iBlitz services working together.

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